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Title Code Author(s)
Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2869 Thu Angharad
Masks I F: Death of Cold Thu Stickmaker
Testing Times - Chapter 29 "Songbird" Thu Shiraz
Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 19 Thu Freyja Celeste
The Knights of Death chapter 27 Thu WolfJess7
Cheerleader Demons (part 5) Thu Lethaldaza
Tink: A Strange Fairytale 13 Wed Domoviye
The Might-Have-Been Girl Chapter 29 Wed Bronwen Welsh
The Brain-Jacked Chronicles - Fugitive! - Part 3 Wed Melanie Brown
Gene's Story or How I Gained a Cousin Chapter 3 Tue Karen Lockhart
The Coven Solo Anon Allsop
The Return of Nevermore part 7 Tue Morpheus
My Safe Place - Chapter 4 Tue Natasa Jessica
Undercurrents 7 Tue Theide
Ashley, part 3 Tue Debbie V
The Other Half of My Soul, part 09 of 11 Tue Trismegistus Shandy
Drew Nance, Girl Detective Book 1: The Secret of the Old Clock Tue Roberta J Cabot
Why? Solo efindumb
Marley for the Win Part 3 Mon imanobodyhere
The Crush - Melanie E chapter 2 Mon Julie D Cole
The Crush: School Daze Solo Theide
A Birthday Reunion Solo SamanthaMD
The call Solo Freyja Celeste
Goodbye Sun Chapter 1 Mon Domoviye
Where No Man has Gone Before Chapter 6 Sun Mopar
In Too Deep - Ch 11 Sun waif
The Decaying World: Kiranim Sun Kitten
Sisters 52 Sun Cyclist
God Bless the Child DP K.T. Leone
Trying to live 5 Sun QuietOne
Gaby Book 12 Chapter *33* Bond Girls Sun Maddy Bell
Xìngbié; part 10 (of 12): The Final Step is Acceptance Sun Quintilianus
The Christmas Party – part one Sun AmyLikesDancing
Somewhere Else Entirely -140- Sun Penny Lane
The Many Faces of Harry Potter 10 Sat Fayanora
Autobiography Solo Rasufelle
Letters from Heaven Solo Jennifer Sue
Cosplay Adventure – Part 3 Sat AmyLikesDancing
Requiem for a hero. Solo Theide
Man hunt in the Heartland -chp8 Sat WolfJess7
Jaguar Solo Theide
Peace Sat Rifkinn
The Transit of Venus, Book 2 - Ch 66 Fri Rhona McCloud
The Chrysalis Project Book 5: Steel Dove Book 2 Fri Snowfall
No Doubt Solo Rasufelle
7000 Gold crowns a dance. Solo Bailey Summers
The Name Solo QModo
What were you thinking?? Solo New Author, Willow Tree
Marine 2 KS Tanya Allan
The Vandal Solo Anon Allsop

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S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Masks I F: Death of Cold

Masks I F


Rodford Edmiston

Chapter 7: Death of Cold

Solange arrived for the morning briefing wearing a costume which appeared to be kept in place entirely by the perversity of the universe defying the wishes of those who wanted to see what little was left to the imagination. The second-largest swatch of fabric in the outfit was her mask, by a small margin.

"Solange," said the Black Mask, trying to be diplomatic. "That costume..."

Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 19

Author's note: I have never been to a spa and write what I find online. Also, let's just say it's legal for late teenage girls to have spa treatment.

"Clarence what the hell are you wearing!" my father thundered.

"Dad, it's just a dress. Look I can explain..."

"You look like a siss...." He didn't want to say the full word.

"Dad..." I cried and turned to mum for support.

"Clarence, you know yourself. This isn't you. Get out of this at once and look like Clarence at once!"

"Dad, I can't 'immediately change'..."

The Knights of Death chapter 27

The Knights of Death


Civil War has come to the Empire. For Maiha Nakatoma and her family the war is personal. The only Daughter of Death is on a crusade to restore the Red Empress to the Throne. Can she complete her goal and still keep her soul? Or will the Family of Nakatoma finally have to draw The Great Sword?

Edited by honeysuckle, djkauf and my loving husband Paul

Cheerleader Demons (part 5)

my friend and I decided to snoop on cheerleader little did I know I would become the daughter of the Satan Himself and turn all my school cheerleaders all into demon Cheerleaders and then slowly change the men into women in my conquest

5 school now under Jade control

Tink: A Strange Fairytale 13

Teri flew into her room landing on her bed at a run, if she was going to get to the the F3 meeting on time she had to hurry. Diving into her clothes box it took her a moment to realize that there were some changes to the room.

“Huh, who left the rose bush?” she asked the empty room, flying up to look at a tiny, well tended rose bush sitting on her windowsill.

The Brain-Jacked Chronicles - Fugitive! - Part 3

Some experiments are supposed to fail..

The Brain-Jacked Chronicles


Part 3

by Melanie Brown

Copyright © 2016 Melanie Brown

The Coven

fourgirls.jpgThe Coven
by Anon Allsop

Here is another story I found of mine, so I knocked the dust off of it. She's old, but I think worthy enough to post.

The four girls sat high in the bleachers watching the two men leaning against the fence that separated the fans from the players. Of the girls, one was desperately hurt and enraged at one of the spectators below. The boys were watching the game yelling encouragement to their friends on the team oblivious to what was transpiring a mere twenty feet above their heads.

The Return of Nevermore part 7

The Return of Nevermore part 7

In the Legacy Universe, there are very few villains who are as feared as Baron Nevermore. Now Nevermore has returned with a group of powerful allies, and the heroes will have to work together if they are to stand any chance of saving the world from this evil.

My Safe Place - Chapter 4

Copyright © 2016 Natasa Studios, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Ten Year Old Kiara, has a hard life and a hard journey to go through. It's hard to start transitioning, when she has an un supportive parent. Will Kiara be able to live her life the way she wants, or will she fail?

Undercurrents 7

“Well you always wanted one so you don’t exactly get to bitch at a surplus!”

I can see his face begin to cloud over a little and I wonder, not for the first time, what hides beneath that overcast. I suppose there’s no time like the present and anyway it’ll serve as a distraction so I don’t get the third degree just yet.

Ashley, part 3

“Come on, cheer up!” Dad urges me as I comb my long- for a boy- floppy blonde hair. “Don’t think there’s a single twelve year old boy who wouldn’t kill to go where you’re going tonight, getting to see the best film ever with your girlfriend AND being surrounded by a bunch of celebrities…”

“Yeah, I guess,” I say with a long sigh.

“What’s wrong?” Dad asks. “Just a little tired? Don’t tell me you don’t like Star Wars…”

“No, the film was alright,” I say, making dad sigh.

The Other Half of My Soul, part 09 of 11

“Well, that was a complete waste of time,” Taylor said. “Do you know why the Knowing One used an illusion instead of a transformation when he came to see the portal here in the women’s quarters?”


“Um, I thought we’d decided that was because he’s a wuss?”

Drew Nance, Girl Detective Book 1: The Secret of the Old Clock

Marley for the Win Part 3

Marley for the Win Part 3

Marley in his sisters old kit.

Marley paused before turning the corner and entering the busy downstairs bathroom corridor again. He was losing his nerve, he was feeling a bit dizzy and grabbed a railing along the wall. Marley was a shy boy, he didn’t like drawing attention to himself, and he had always harbored a great fear of humiliation. “I can’t do this,” he said and turned around to head back up and get out of this ridiculous costume.

The Crush - Melanie E chapter 2

The Crush - Melanie E challenge
by Julie D Cole

Forgive me. I wanted to help you develop your great start rather than to leave it. Despite all the interest you generated I think you have a talent that you should show more and hopefully you are not offended. I followed you once before that was fun. I always watch out for your stories. Well done for bringing so much enjoyment.

The Crush - Chapter 2 [perhaps]


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