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Title Code Author(s)
The Loves of Julie Pearson - 19 Fri Katherine Day
Melanie's Story -- Chapter 45 -- 46 Fri Asche
You say good morning Solo Jenny_W83
For Master Chapter 4 Thu Domoviye
Nowhere To Run: Chapter 11 Thu Natasa Jessica
The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 37 - Touch Me Not; Forget Me... Thu Snowfall
The Knights of Death chapter 18 Thu WolfJess7
Tink: A Strange Fairytale 6 Thu Domoviye
A Love So Bold - Chapter 17 Thu Anon Allsop
Soubrette: Chapter 10b Thu Ceri
A Lady in Waiting Part 12 Thu Christina H
Shattered Glass 2 Wed Domoviye
Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2759 Wed Angharad
The Last Priestess -02- Starfighter Legion Wed Sasha Nexus
The Flash - Fastest Woman Alive! Chapter 7 Wed Freya
Nikki, part 18 Wed Debbie V
Coming Home 3 Wed Sydney Moya
Horse Talk & The Girl Who Loved Them Chapter 12 Wed Barbie Lee
Mother's Child - Chapter 8 Tue Waterdog
Nowhere To Go... But Here - Chapter 9: The Storm Part 2 Tue Natasa Jessica
Kayda 4 - Now the Real Learning Can Begin - Final Chapter Tue Elrod
Halloween GD New Author, Tristra
Xìngbié; part 1: Takeout Chinese Tue New Author, Quintilianus
The Bank Dicks Solo Pamela
Car ride Solo Simone Velsen
Little Boy-Girl 24 the McCann, Miller and Tucker girls New Home Tue Mario Cawhern
Mercy Tue Dorothy Colleen
Fate Sucks Chapter 14 Tue Domoviye
As Beauty Does Tue E. E. Nalley
Just Roll With It Part-8 Tue Enemyoffun
Julina of Blackstone - 054 - Think, Think Again and Think Ahead Mon Julia Phillips
The Actress Solo Melanie Brown
Nails Mon Lauran
Patriot Games - Chapter 40 - A Successful Mission Sun Marina Kelly
Gaby Book 12 Chapter *15* Swiss Cheese Sun Maddy Bell
Lights, Camera, Action! Chapter 7 Sun Dark Kitten, Zoe Taylor
Glimpses 11 Sun Brooke Erickson
How Far Sat Domoviye
Vanessa's Secret part 3 the conclusion Sat Jason Morgan
Birthday Blues ~ Part 6 Sat Shauna
Laura, part 12 Sat Debbie V
A painful morning.. Solo New Author, Aurora
Frills-chapter 23 Fri Snowfall
Traps Are Delicious But They're Not Edible Fri Shin Eris
Lindsay's Cosmic Outing Solo Mona Lisa
Sky DP Angela Rasch
Once upon a time... Solo Brooke Erickson
Peaches DP Amelia R., Angela Rasch
My name is Miranda Solo Anistasia Allread
The Door at the End of the Room Solo Rasufelle

Contests and Other Features

S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

The Loves of Julie Pearson - 19

The Loves of Julie Pearson - 19

By Katherine Day

(Julie looks like a woman and feels like a woman but finds that her transgendered status may stand in her way of finding love with a man. Edited by Eric. A sequel to two short stories published in 2013, “Julie’s Odyssey” and “Gifts for Julie.”) (Copyright 2014)

Melanie's Story -- Chapter 45 -- 46

Another "two-fer"

Chapter 45 -- Remembrance
Chapter 46 -- The Yule Season

Doris called me up and asked if I was going to the Trangender Day of Remembrance service.

You say good morning

Some times you find yourself experiencing Emotional turmoil, for me it helps to vent these feelings onto the written page or in my case the typed word; sometimes those words do such a wonderful job of conveying your inter turmoil that they nag at you until you finally share them. The form these words take would cause many to worry for the person who wrote them, TO all who read this I am in no immediate danger and 39 days have dulled the hurt SO without further ado "You Say Good Morning"

For Master Chapter 4

I got home, proudly showing Mom my MID, she wasn't quite so happy, giving me a hug but fighting back tears. The sadness had been building up for several days, ever since I brought up the fact that I wanted to go to Whateley to improve my education. I had to lie and tell her I'd discovered the school from talking to other mutants on the net. With the help of several emails from 'alumni' including a letter from the Vancouver Heroes Corp. Well one of their fan groups that managed get the website name VHCorp.ca, which was enough to convince Mom they were the real thing.

Nowhere To Run: Chapter 11

Copyright © 2015 Natasa Studios, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

No one knows what the future holds. Everyone has a prediction. It doesn't mean it will come true. That's what one child learn in this futuristic story.

Chapter Notes:
The girls begin their battle

The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 37 - Touch Me Not; Forget Me Not


Book 37 of The Lyssa Kordenay Missions!
  Training continues for the recruits
  now they venture into the field
  but reality lurks everywhere!

WARNING: The Lyssa Kordenay Missions may be hyper-violent for some readers!


The Knights of Death chapter 18

The Knights of Death


Civil War has come to the Empire. For Maiha Nakatoma and her family the war is personal. The only Daughter of Death is on a crusade to restore the Red Empress to the Throne. Can she complete her goal and still keep her soul? Or will the Family of Nakatoma finally have to draw The Great Sword?

Edited by honeysuckle, djkauf and my loving husband Paul

Tink: A Strange Fairytale 6

Tink headed off for lunch after martial arts, not bothering with a shower since she hadn't done enough to work up a sweat. At Crystal Hall she met up with Page, Serena and a few other Whitman girls. They were all talking about their classes, which ranged from the common history, English and science; to the weird, magic, esper and quantum physics; to the holy cow they teach that at school! Which included firearms training and how to shoot a fire accurately at one hundred feet.

“You're not saying much for once Teri, what's up?” Page asked.

A Love So Bold - Chapter 17

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

The story continues - Hope you enjoy!


In the pre-dawn light, the train was slowly coming to life. Families had eaten and were now hitching their mules, horses and oxen to them. Hannah was holding Em and standing beside Gideon, while Cade sat on the back of the near mule watching.

“What do we do with the little cart?” she asked, capturing a loose lock of hair and tucking it behind her ear.

“I’d love to take it with us, but we’re going in some real rough country soon and I’m afraid it will just drag us down.” He looked past Hannah to the cart where it sat off the side of the trail.

Hannah sighed, then turned to also look at the cart. “We can leave it; perhaps someone else could use it for repairs or may have use for it in some way.”

Gideon had been watching her, remembering to what she had done only last night, his mind dwelling on what his heart wanted him to do to, and for her. But alas, it wasn’t to be… for as soon as she could, she would be gone. He couldn’t help studying the curve of her form, mesmerized in the beauty she possessed. Her wavy red locks drifting in the morning air, she was so much like ‘his’ Hannah…and yet, nothing like her.

Soubrette: Chapter 10b

A Lady in Waiting Part 12

Lady in Waiting Part 12

lady in waiting 2.jpg

By Christina H

This is the year that Charlotte departs England for a short while with her brother who is working for the government she is to all intents a young lady of quality. They are accompanied my Charlottes Ladies maid Anna and bound for Portugal.
Charlotte decides that Anna is more suited to be a companion rather than a ladies maid but before this could happen poor Anna undergoes a fate worse than death.

Shattered Glass 2

Ruth walked alone, except for the green fairy on her shoulder, to crystal hall for breakfast the next morning, well bundled up in a long black wool coat that went to her ankles, and a wool toque over top her bandanna. The cold nipped at her cheeks, making her feel alive.

The Last Priestess -02- Starfighter Legion

The Last Priestess

Chapter Two : Starfighter Legion

By Sasha Zarya Nexus

A fan fiction sequel to Jonathan Betuel’s
The Last Starfighter
and Universal Studio's 1984 Movie

Jeff Rogan, was a boy whose life seemed to be going no where fast. He loved escaping from life into acting roles both for the stage and also in games. His hopes were upon an application to a boarding thespian high school to escape to the promise of the life as an actor that he dreamed about. But the gift of a new VR game from his mother changed his life in ways that he could have never imagined to become "The Last Priestess".

The Flash - Fastest Woman Alive! Chapter 7

The Flash - Fastest Woman Alive!

Author’s Note: I’m trying to pick up the thread of this story after a long hiatus and write a sort of epilogue to it so it wasn’t just left hanging. Please do comment if you spot grammar or spelling mistakes or plot holes so I can fix them. I mention other heroes in this story. Although I do not have them doing much, if their authors wish I shall remove them.

Nikki, part 18

“Mmm,” I moan as the image of Sarah in her wedding dress fades and my brain starts swimming back to reality. I blink my eyes twice, turning my sore head to shield my sensitive eyes from the bright light streaming through the window.

“Morning, beautiful,” Sarah says, giving me a quick kiss on my forehead.

Horse Talk & The Girl Who Loved Them Chapter 12

People and animals bond easier when both are young. A few people have a God given gift and are able to communicate with or befriend almost any animal they meet.

"How do you do that?"

"I asked if he wanted to be friends and he said it would be okay."

Mother's Child - Chapter 8

Lee's adventures continue. His old life is careening out of his control, his new one coming at him head-on. Can he survive the clash of old and new and still keep his sanity. Will his mother's attempts at helping make matters better or worse. It's anyone's guess. For sure, Lee doesn't know.

Kayda 4 - Now the Real Learning Can Begin - Final Chapter

A Whateley Academy Adventure

Kayda 4: Now the Real Learning Can Begin

Chapter 5 - Wakinyan Towa Pi (Lightning)

by ElrodW and EE Nalley

Tuesday, May 1, 2007, late evening

Dickinson Cottage

Mrs. Nelson poked her head into the TV room on the third floor of the cottage. "Girls," she said in a firm parental voice, "you know that the TV goes off at ten-thirty."


It's the same old story, boy looses parents, becomes mutant, discovers shapechanging powers, Runs away, becomes girl, gets tied up with witches and saves the day.

All old hat right.
PS this is Whateley Fan work.

Xìngbié; part 1: Takeout Chinese

Nathan poked at his food with a fork. Part of him found it ironic that a Chinese American family was eating Chinese takeout for dinner, but his mind wasn’t really on the food.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” his mother asked from across the table. She was frowning, but it was concern in her eyes.

Nathan’s younger brother snickered, and Nathan cast him a dark look.

“I’m just not very hungry, I guess,” he lied. He hated lying to his mother, but he really didn’t want to talk about it.

“He’s upset because he still doesn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day,” Tyler chimed in.

Nathan stabbed his beef with his fork, looking down to hide his grimace.

“Tyler, stop antagonizing your brother and eat your dinner,” their father said.

Tyler grumbled something under his breath, but didn’t respond.

Nathan silently thanked his father, but he knew that Tyler was right. He was fifteen now and still didn’t have a girlfriend. All his friends were always talking about girls, but Nathan had such a hard time getting a girl to go out with him.

Not that he hadn’t tried, of course. He’d asked out four different girls this school year already, and each one had said no. And every time they did he wished he could just disappear and never have to try again. But with Valentine’s Day coming up, he felt even worse than usual.

Car ride

It was about a quarter past one in the morning, and he was just driving around. And like most times he had dressed up in what he liked best.
From the bottom up that was a pair of pumps with a moderate heel, black nylons, the kind that stays up by itself. Then a greay skirt which fell
just to his knees, and a black blouse. Under it he wore black satin panties and an also black bra, with silicone inserts, a firm D-cup. He could
not wear this at home, his wife knew about his dressing preferences, but did not want to be confronted with it. So he only wore this at night,

Little Boy-Girl 24 the McCann, Miller and Tucker girls New Home

With Carol has been reunited with her brother/sister Sandy/Maxine, and Tammy with her sister Danny/Daniela. And going to a new home things get better for them.

It was Morgan that said “what about us where will we live now.”

Ms. Van Horne said “we have a loving family that will love to have you.”

Then it was Cassandra that said “our daddy is going to jail and we won’t stay in no group home and if we do we’ll run away and you will never find us.”



This is fan fiction of the Whateley Academy universe. I hope you like it.

No one noticed the smaller boy with the thick glasses as he navigated the hallways of his high school.

Which was exactly how he wanted it.

Being invisible beat the alternative.

His name was Matthew Marshall, and he had dealt with enough pain already, so he had no desire to add to it by getting attention.

Fate Sucks Chapter 14

I spent a week in the hospital and lying in bed at home before they let me go to school. My time was spent doing homework, reading the lectures from class, going over class notes sent to me by friends, and studying magic with Mo Shu Shi. I had to go back on Wednesday for the doctors to check my hand, remove some more bone splinters, and see if they had to take off any more of my hand, but it was healing so nicely thanks to my continual charge that they decided to leave it alone.

As Beauty Does

A Whateley Academy Vignette
As Beauty Does
by E. E. Nalley

If you've got no place to go, if you're feeling down
If you're all alone when the pretty birds have flown
Honey I'm still free
Take a chance on me
Gonna do my very best and it ain't no lie
If you put me to the test, if you let me try
ABBA Take a chance on me

Just Roll With It Part-8

Just Roll With It
Part Eight


After losing a bet, young Chris finds his life thrust into an interesting and unexpected direction. Instead of fighting the changes, he decides to Just Roll With It.



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