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1 The Transit of Venus, Book 2 - Ch 42    Tue   Rhona McCloud
2 The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 12 - Butterflies and Sharks    Mon   Snowfall
3 Sara, Becka, and me. - Chapter 2    Mon   Teddie S.
4 Laura, part 2    Mon   Debbie V
5 Hiccups    Mon   Susan Brown
6 Flushgate: Uncovering The Transgender Agenda of Taking Over the World One Bathroom at a Time    Mon   K.T. Leone
7 Wishing Well    Mon   Emma Finn
8 The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix Part XXIX(a)    Sun   Chefness
9 The PomPom Fortress chapter 9    Sun   Snowfall
10 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2622    Sun   Angharad
11 A New Start in Life part 26    Sun   Christina H
12 Girly Gurl Salon Alexis Part 5    Sat   Francesca Walker
13 Nikki, part 12    Sat   Debbie V
14 Sisters Forever~Final Chapter    Sat   Susan Brown
15 The Knights of Death chapter 6    Sat   WolfJess7
16 Mathew's Secret Desire - Chapter Four    Sat   Daphne46
17 Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 3: Chapter 04    Fri   Paul Cousins
18 Synergy - Chapter Two    Fri   Aurum
19 The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 11 - The Fortress    Fri   Snowfall
20 Unaccounted Gains Book 3 - Chapter 5    Fri   Shiraz
21 It's Simply Not Cricket! - Part 23.    Fri   OES
22 Honey Bunny: 13    Fri   Louise Anne
23 No Ticket    Thu   Gwen Brown
24 Whispers from the Void - Chapter 35    Thu   Ryker
25 Charlotte, part 10    Thu   Debbie V
26 Alibi Omnino - 02 - Posterus    Thu   Julia Phillips
27 Vincent's Slow Change    Thu   vjtwentytwo
28 The PomPom Fortress chapter 8    Thu   Snowfall
29 Battle For Earth: Resistance (Prologue and Chapters 1, 2, & 3)    Wed   D.A.W.
30 Here Comes the Sun - 6    Wed   Drea DiMaggio

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The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 12 - Butterflies and Sharks


BaS cover.png
Book 12 of The Lyssa Kordenay Missions!
  Lyssa's preferred currency, the omnipresent favor,
brings Rodrick's past slamming to the forefront!

WARNING: The Lyssa Kordenay Missions may be
hyper-violent for some readers.


Sara, Becka, and me. - Chapter 2


Sara, Becka, and me.
by Teddie S.


Chapter II
Becka returns.


Sara and I had been talking to ours mothers about where Becka had come from. And, her mother had asked her to tell the story . . .

Laura, part 2

"Show me! Show me!" Nicole eagerly giggles. Also giggling happily, I take the mirror from the kitchen table and show my new friend the glittery highlights me and my other friends have applied to her eyelids. "So cool!"

"Me next!" Megan insists. Giggling almost feverishly, Nicole, Suriya, Priya, Harriet and myself take our glittery make-up brushes and set about giving my best friend a make-over just as pretty as Nicole's.



Susan Brown.

Originally published in 2000, this story has been reworked, tidied up, edited a bit more and hopefully made readable.

Please note that this story is a bit naughty in places and girls of a delicate nature should not read it without smellings salts to hand.

Flushgate: Uncovering The Transgender Agenda of Taking Over the World One Bathroom at a Time


Wishing Well


Lionel makes a wish to become one of the senior managers at work. Unfortunately he didn't specify what sex he wanted to be.

This story is one of six stories in the compilation, A New You by Emma Finn, a book of transformation and body swap stories available on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.


The well was ancient; easily as old as many of the oldest houses in Bycastle, the original village from which Nockton and its twin-town Barton spread.

The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix Part XXIX(a)

Chapter 87

Rach had an ache in her side, like she had laid down wrong on something. Uhh, what a…

The pain in her side was explained away as the misshapen lump of blue clay, Rach looked at it and…

Wait a minute, that dream. Her eyes fluttered open to a beautiful shade of blue; when she moved to get up, the blue moved with her. A quick glance at the mirror over her dresser confirmed her suspicions.

Fucking magic shit. Rach sighed as she remembered everything else.

A New Start in Life part 26

A New Start in Life Part 26

The Girls Mk2.jpg

This is a gentle coming-of-age story about a college-aged boy becoming the girl he knows he truly is.
With the help of his two girl friends he becomes Susanna as they teach him all about life as a girl.
Please note this is a gentle, sentimental tale and although there is some sexual content it is inferred, NOT graphic and tagged where it occurs.

Girly Gurl Salon Alexis Part 5

Next on the agenda was dressing up in the costumes that I would be wearing during the contest. Marie and Angela helped me with removing my clothes, which at the time only consisted of a bra, panties, and my slacks. I had removed my blouse earlier so it would not get wet as my hair was being worked on. I felt very vulnerable in my nakedness, the breasts and vagina seeming to remove any confidence that I had as a male. Again that feeling that I had last night, as Angela left me at my apartment was back. I am dressed as a woman seemingly subject to the desires and wishes of a male.

The African Masks

Some time ago I read and liked the wonderful story by Rasufelle "This Isn't What I Wanted" and the author's opinion after it. However, a phrase in that opinion - "the fetish and non-fetish elements of the community" - stuck to my mind. Is this community limited to these? Who is part of it and who is not?

Nikki, part 12

“Seventeen!” The assembled guests yell. “Sixteen! Fifteen! Fourteen!” I stare over at Sarah, who is smiling happily, much to my relief.

“Thirteen!” The guests continue. “Twelve! Eleven! Ten!” I look to my left at Katie and Lauren, who are both excitedly bouncing up and down in chairs.

“Nine!” The crowd yells, working itself into a near frenzy. “Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One!” Dannii- the most excited person of any in the packed restaurant- takes a deep breath and, in one go, blows out the seventeen candles on the rich chocolate cake placed in front of her.

The Knights of Death chapter 6

The Knights of Death


Civil War has come to the Empire. For Maiha Nakatoma and her family the war is personal. The only Daughter of Death is on a crusade to restore the Red Empress to the Throne. Can she complete her goal and still keep her soul? Or will the Family of Nakatoma finally have to draw The Great Sword?

Edited by honeysuckle, djkauf and my loving husband Paul

Mathew's Secret Desire - Chapter Four


Author's Note: Here's Chapter Four of Mathew's Secret Desire. Sorry for the delay in posting, like Chapter Three I had to do some re-writing. I also apologise for any spelling or grammar errors as my spell and grammar checker is Canadian English.

So please enjoy and as usual constructive criticism always grateful.

Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 3: Chapter 04

Bob, Ed, and Boris enjoy their vacation throughout the multiverse. With them heading to places, times, and realities, that will leave readers asking. Where are they going to next?

But, all is not going perfect, some the hunt for them reignites, with a new group after them. A group far more dangerous than those that were previously trying to capture them.

Unfortunately, Bob is about the make one of the biggest mistakes in his life. He is going to enrage Revy.

And Revy is going to call in some more help of her own.

It is a Lagoon Lion Dance of insanity.

Caution: Nudity And Sexually Suggestive Scenes.

Synergy - Chapter Two

Synergy - Chapter 2

Story Img.jpg

I would soon learn the mistake I had made to cure my incessant boredom; I had led mankind down a road that only gods should traverse. The mistake that came from ignorance and curiosity would change not only my destiny, but that of mankind itself. But like any event there is a point in time where all the threads meet, a time when the slightest change has the greatest impact, its synergy.

The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 11 - The Fortress

TF cover.png


Book 11 of The Lyssa Kordenay Missions!
  Lyssa is still struggling post mission,
but what of the mysterious Rodrick?

WARNING: The Lyssa Kordenay Missions may be
hyper-violent for some readers.


No Ticket

No Ticket


Gwen Brown
Actually posted on Facebook


The Morrison Bridge, all of it, is now 25 MPH!

While crossing the Morrison Bridge, I got pulled over by a totally HOT male cop driving an ATV with all the lights and sirens, who I thought said "I'm going to write you a ticket". I asked him if he expected me to believe that ATV he was driving was a police car?", and not in a respectful manner.

Whispers from the Void - Chapter 35

Whispers from the Void

by Ken Ryker

We are not alone.

There are forces out there beyond the vastness of space, existing in the realm between life and death. They are called archons, but they have been known by many other names: angels, devils, demons, spirits, ghosts, gods.

Among them, a young girl is thrust into a destiny she does not understand. Lead by a torn mentor, hunted by a spurned patron, and wanted by a malevolent spirit, she will face unknown threats and find unexpected allies as she struggles to determine whom she can trust and whom she must deliver to a fate darker than the blackest night.

Chapter 35:
The Watchers


Charlotte, part 10

My heart is racing and my palms are clammy. My mouth is bone dry from not having eaten in 24 hours and I'm shaking like a leaf.

"Okay Miss Burke," the doctor says as he injects a syringe into my IV drip. "I want you to count backwards from ten. Can you do that, please?"

"Ten," I whisper hoarsely. "Nine, e-eight, um, seven..." My head starts to spin as I find it harder and harder to keep my eyes open.

"Six, um, six?" I ask as my brain fogs over and my entire body feels like it's made out of lead.

Alibi Omnino - 02 - Posterus

As the author, I am shocked. I wrote this nearly a year ago and was certain I had posted it then. It was only a chance remark of Penny's, and some comments on a recent one of her tales, that made me retrieve this onto the radar screen. There is one more to come after this, but that will have to await Penny's return from New York, so she can run her directorial eyes across it before I post. I apologise to you all for the delay!

AO purple on blue.png
by Julia Phillips

02 - Posterus

Vincent's Slow Change

Battle For Earth: Resistance (Prologue and Chapters 1, 2, & 3)

I had been a slave to the Qharr nearly my entire life, but one fateful day
everything changed. I joined up with a group of rebels, and through a twist of fate,
no one could have foreseen, I became the woman I am today...


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